8 Best Leg Massagers For Increased Performance And Recovery

The hype is real: Compression therapy has been proven to promote a faster post-workout recovery time by increasing circulation, which, in turn, reduces inflammation and minimizes soreness. The benefits aren’t limited to just athletes, either. Everyday folks can use compression therapy to reduce the swelling that comes with sitting for long periods of time (e.g, on a plane or behind a desk), but note that the therapy isn’t recommended for people with certain vascular or heart conditions. Ready to experience the benefits for yourself? Read on for eight of the best compression leg massagers on Amazon.

Looking for a pair of solid compression recovery boots? Look no further. These will get rid of that post-run achy feeling by applying air compression to your legs to increase blood flow and circulation—meaning you’ll recover faster and be ready for your next workout. The sleeve also simulates massage, comes with six massage programs and has a time setting. 

Compression boots can get expensive, so if you want to keep it budget-friendly, opt for this leg massager. It provides air compression and delivers a deep and relaxing massage for your calves. It also has a heating function and an adjustable leg-wrap size. 

Want to include your thighs, calves, and feet? This is the massager for you. It features six modes and four massage intensities, so you can customize the massage according to what you need. While it doesn’t offer compression, it will help to relax your muscles post-run. 

If you have extra-small or large calves, it can be hard to find a massager that’ll fit, so that’s why we love these compression boots. They come in a wide variety of sizes (XS-XL), so you’re guaranteed to find a size that works for you. A control pump has customizable settings to tailor your recovery sessions.

Sore knees are inevitable when you’re a runner, so if you want to help yourself recover faster, grab one of these knee massagers. It offers heat therapy, and it’s compact enough to be portable if you’re traveling or on the go. It also offers vibration massage to help facilitate recovery and ease your soreness. 

This battery-powered massager relies on dynamic air compression to boost circulation, reduce swelling and soreness, and promote a speedier recovery. Use the included remote (or the Hyperice app) to cycle through seven different intensity levels, then target extra-sore areas using the “zone boost” function.

These leg massagers are equipped with air bags that inflate and deflate to provide a relaxing, therapeutic massage from calf to foot. The boots adjust via Velcro for a custom fit, while the two different massage modes (and three varying intensities) allow you to tailor the massage to your personal comfort level.

Unlike other massage boots that take an ebb-and-flow approach to pressure, these massage boots rely on overlapping air chambers to compress the leg sequentially, from foot to thigh. The time and pressure of the compression massage can be fine-tuned using the included control.

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